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Bois de chauffage compressé

The French company Eligo-Bois sells compressed wood

The French company Eligo-Bois sells compressed wood and offers a large choice of combustibles adapted for any kind of heating device: use it in your fireplace, burning stove, wood-burning cook stove, and even in your wood-burning furnace. The compressed wood can nowadays be bought in several different forms: briquettes or cylinders and is available in two varieties:

The “day logs” have a high heating performance and last about two hours,

and the “night logs” or “long lasting logs” that maintain the temperature in your house for 6 to 15 hours depending on the type of log you chose.

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As well as the online selling of its products, Eligo-Bois offers to its customers a detailed comparison of the different kinds of combustibles available - compressed woods and pellets – as well as their respective qualities and characteristics. You will also find in these technical sheets the feedback from our trusty customers.

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